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A comprehensive guide to the Flag traditional Irish Symbol. All you need to know about the Flag symbol which is commonly associated with the wonderful Emerald Isle. Information and facts on the Flag Irish symbol, read about its meaning and origin. There are a huge number of symbols that are associated with the Irish people of Ireland, learn about the history and origin of Flag, a truly  iconic symbol of Ireland. Read about the symbols history and origins, everything you need to know about the Flag.

'bratach na hÉireann'  - Irish Flag

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Irish Flag
The flag of Ireland is more commonly known as the 'Tricolor' and it has three equal vertical bands of Green (hoist side), White and Orange. The Island of Ireland is actually made up of two separate countries each with their own government, currency and laws. The Republic of Ireland is a state which covers approximately five-sixths of the country and the remaining sixth of the island is known as Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The country's official constitutional name is Eire or, in the English language, Ireland.

Irish Flag - History
The tricolor has been the national flag of the whole island of Ireland since 1916. In the constitution of Ireland in 1937, the Irish Tricolor was confirmed as the country's national flag. Some traditional Irish poems and songs refer to the flag as being "green, white and gold" not orange. It is believed that in the past some natives were unhappy with the orange color representing the orange order and preferred to call it the color gold but more often the words were changed for 'poetic licence' as gold rhymes much better than orange! the government of Ireland, the Taoiseach discourage use of the word Gold.

Flag Irish Symbol - Meaning

  • Green of the Irish Flag - represents the native people of Ireland (most of whom are Roman Catholic - the Nationalists / Republicans)

  • Orange of the Irish Flag - represents the British supporters of William of Orange who settled in Northern Ireland in the 17th century (most of whom are Protestant - the Unionists / Loyalists)

  • White of the Irish Flag - peace and honesty between the people

Facts about the Flag Irish Symbol

  • The Irish flag is known as the tricolor

  • Green represents the Irish Natives - The Gaelic people

  • Orange represents the British settlers

  • White symbolizes peace between the Irish People

  • The Gaelic for Irish Flag is 'bratach na hÉireann'

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Discover the vast selection of pictures relating to the Flag Irish Symbol, it illustrates just one of the many different symbols that represent Irish culture such as the Flag. Irish symbols are perfect for tattoos, discover the meaning behind the Flag Irish symbol. The pictures show the different symbols including the Flag, all associated with this amazing country. A great resource for all ages. Useful as an educational history resource for kids and children of all ages as well as those wanting to learn more about the history and meaning of individual symbols such as the Flag. Perhaps you are researching a symbol for a tattoo design or simply want to know more about the origin of the Flag Irish symbol, look no further! We have included pictures and videos to accompany the main topic within this Flag Irish Symbol section. The videos enable fast access to the images and pictures together with information and many historical facts. All of the articles and pages can be accessed via the about Ireland Index - a great educational resource for everyone!


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