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What does "Luck of the Irish" mean? An easy question, well maybe not! Where did the saying originate? It is used around the world on a daily to wish people good luck during a toast, on greeting cards, text messages and social network status updates to name a few uses. It is one of the most popular Irish sayings but is the saying actually ironic? Does it refer to the bad luck of the people of Ireland who have a history of sadness, famine and war? Are the Irish people a lucky race? The history of Ireland is definitely not a lucky one! The Irish people are known as one of the most friendliest races in the world but are they truly lucky? Read on and make up your own mind!


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Luck of The Irish - Famous Saying
What does "Luck of the Irish" really mean? This saying is the subject of much debate. Some feel it means bad luck! Read on and make up your own mind about this familiar Irish saying which is often used nowadays as a toast to wish luck to friends and family. We have included lots of different thoughts and suggestions on the true meaning of this famous saying to enable you to make up you own mind!

Luck of The Irish - Theories

  • Ireland has a very tragic past, its people were forced to emigrate due to famine and they left for America and the UK in order to find a better life. They were treated badly and had to struggle to succeed which many of them did through determination, strong character and hard work. The natives of the USA in particular despised the Irish settlers who were successful and felt their fortune was down to 'luck' and not due to their hard work.

  • The term 'Luck of the Irish' originated in the USA and means bad luck and not good luck as most people think today. It is an ironic phrase used to describe the sad and tragic history of the people of Ireland. The Irish people are actually very unlucky as they had to leave their homeland in order to survive. Many of the original Irish settlers in the US, the UK and Australia never saw their family again. Indeed on the night before a person emigrated a party was held, a sort of 'funeral' wake which is a traditional Irish custom when someone dies. The 'Wake' was held as the parents and siblings, even wives and children knew they were extremely unlikely to see their loved ones ever again.

  • Lucky? Some people feel that the Irish people were born lucky! Would the Irish people who have been forced to emigrate from their homeland over the years agree with this? I fear not! The people of Ireland seem to have the ability to prosper when others struggle, is this due to their determination and hard work? The Irish in general are a strong willed, resilient people who have had to work hard in order to survive, the history of their country is a very sad one, they have never had the choice to 'take things easy', their history has been one of survival of the fittest. Does the term lucky equate to hard work?

  • The phrase 'Luck of The Irish' originated in the US and was used by the people of America to describe the Irish emigrants who found their 'Pot of Gold' in the Gold and Silver mines. Were they lucky or was their luck down to sheer hard work? Perhaps a bit of both, a case of being in the right place at the right time? Is this luck or fortune?

  • Although some Irish people who left their homeland were 'lucky' or 'fortunate', many were not. The Irish people have had to fight prejudice all over the world, some were strong and healthy and managed to succeed but many thousands were not so 'lucky' due to many factors including ill health and disease. Some emigrants didn't even survive the sea crossing, others grew ill and with no health care, suffered badly. Childhood disease saw many families lose their children, with that their reason for succeeding was not so great and depression followed in many cases by alcohol abuse. Did the Irish immigrants to London feel fortunate or lucky? Even as late at the 1950's many boarding houses in the capital had signs in the windows that read "No Black, No Dogs, No Irish"! Many job advertisements clearly stated "No Irish Need Apply" Surely this cannot be a reason to celebrate and toast the 'Luck of the Irish'?

  • The Irish have an amazing sense of humour and pride for their country. St Patricks day is celebrated worldwide and
    people who have to trace their ancestors back three generations or more still feel proud to wear green
    and celebrate the patron saint of Ireland's special day on the 17th March. What other countries special day is celebrated across the world in such a way? You only need to look at the size or Ireland to wonder how can so many people claim to have Irish heritage, it is truly amazing! Is this Luck?

  • Whatever the origins of the phase 'Luck of the Irish' was intended to mean, good or bad luck, the fact is the Irish are indeed a very fortunate race of people. They are proud, hardworking, funny, extremely patriotic and loved by nations all over the world, it is true, everyone loves the Irish!.  What other race of people are loved like the Irish? Simple answer, NONE!

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Discover the true meaning of the phrase "Luck of The Irish" a truly famous Irish Saying that some feel means good luck while others feel it was an ironic saying and actually means bad luck! Make up your own mind, we have provided several reasons behind the origins of the quote, which one do you believe? Feel free to email the webmaster@theemeraldisle.org with your own suggestions! While researching this very popular saying, it seems no-one is really sure what the meaning is but there are some great stories out there! Start a debate with your own friends and family about the origins of this phrase! It is used worldwide for birthday greetings or a toast to Irish family members or friends. It is often used on social networking status updates in an attempt to brighten up your friends day!  Perhaps you are researching a phrase or saying to use on St Patrick's day or as inspiration for a tattoo design? Check out our other sections, all of the articles and pages can be accessed via the about Ireland Index - a great fun resource for everyone!

Luck of The Irish


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