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Have fun reading our selection of famous funny, witty Irish proverbs or 'Seanfhocail' as they are known in Gaelic. 'Seanfhocail' translates to 'Old Words'. We have included a selection of Proverbs, some witty, some sad, in fact something to suit every occasion.  The Irish are a nation of orators, many Irish people have the "Gift of the Gab" meaning they have the ability to talk non stop! The phrase "You Have Kissed the Blarney Stone" is often used to describe people who talk non stop! We hope you enjoy reading this selection of Irish Proverbs.


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Irish or Gaelic sayings or proverbs are known as 'Seanfhocail' which translates as 'Old Words'. The Irish people are famous for their sense of humor and amusing sayings and proverbs. Read a selection of Irish proverbs in both English and Irish. Some may be familiar to you, others new, they are guaranteed to raise a smile or two! Funny, Amusing and Witty, a great selection of traditional Irish proverbs.

Irish Proverbs - Gaelic Proverbs with English Translation

"Tús na heagna eagla an Tiarna."
Wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord.
"Tosach sláinte codladh."
Sleep is the first sign of recovery.
"Is fearr lán doirn de cheird ná lán mála d’ór."
A handful of skill is better than a bagful of gold.
"Níl aon leigheas ar an ngrá ach pósadh."
The only cure for love is marriage.
Bíonn súil le muir ach ní bhíonn súil le tír.
There's hope from the ocean but none from the grave
"Drochubh, drochéan."
A bad egg, a bad bird
"Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí."
Praise the young and they will blossom.
"Is glas na cnoic i bhfad uainn."
Distant hills look green.
"Is fada an bóthar nach mbíonn casadh ann."
It is a long road that has no turning.
It is not a secret if it is known by three people.
it takes time to build castles. Rome was not built in a day.
Good as drink is, it ends in thirst.
If you do not sow in the spring you will not reap in the autumn.
The man with the boots does not mind where he places his foot.
If a man doesn't marry he'll rue it sore: And if he gets married he'll rue it more.

Irish Proverbs including their meaning

"He heard the money jingling in his mother's pockets before he was born."
a miser or someone who is greedy for money
"He wasn't behind the door anyway when the feet were giving out."
Describing a person with Big Feet
'Like a hen on a hot griddle.'
Describing someone who is uneasy or fidgeting
'Like a bull in a china shop.'
Describing someone who is acting inconsiderately or without concern for others
'As fat as a hen in the forehead.'
Describing a thin person


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Discover the vast selection of Proverbs relating to Celtic people of Ireland. Famous and funny Irish Gaelic Proverbs. The pictures bring to life the different proverbs that are associated with this amazing country. A great resource for all ages. Useful as a resource for kids and children of all ages particularly useful for birthday greetings to Irish family members or friends or to use as social networking status updates to make your friends smile!  Perhaps you are researching a proverb to use on St Patricks day or as inspiration for a tattoo design, just click on the link for each Irish proverb to find out more! Enjoy these amusing Irish Proverbs. We have included pictures and videos to accompany the Irish Proverbs section. The videos enable fast access to the images and pictures together with information and lots of examples of different Proverbs. Witty, funny and even traditional Proverbs. All of the articles and pages can be accessed via the about Ireland Index - a great fun resource for everyone!

Irish Proverbs


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