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Ireland has something to suit every visitor! From Castles, Museums, National Parks to deserted beaches and stunning scenery, taking a tour of the emerald isle is a perfect way to discover your very own piece of paradise and perhaps see where your ancestors came from!

Castles, Churches, Beaches, Music, Food and so much more can be discovered in this wonderful Isle. Ireland is full of history and culture from the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland to the port of Cobh in County Cork which was the last port of call of the fateful Titanic. From the beautiful Wicklow mountains to the rugged beauty of Donegal, Ireland is the perfect tour choice.

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Tour in Ireland
An amazing country to visit, Ireland has something to attract every type of visitor from the weekend traveller visiting one of the vibrant cities of Dublin or Belfast to the visitor who wishes to tour the complete country. Ireland is an ideal destination for Surfing, Fishing, Walking, Cycling and Golf as well for families and returning emigrants, Ireland has something to suit everyone and is a perfect tour destination.

Tour in Ireland - Driving
It is important to remember when driving in Ireland that it is in fact two complete separate countries with different currencies, laws and speed limits! In Northern Ireland, road signs and speeds are in Miles and Miles per hour (MPH) whereas in the Republic or Southern Ireland the speeds and signs are in Kilometres and Kilometres per hour (KPH)!

Tour in Ireland - Driving Tips

  • In Ireland you need to drive on the LEFT

  • When touring Ireland remember that it is in fact two separate countries!

  • Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom so speed limits on the roads are the same as in England, Scotland and Wales and are measured in miles per hour

  • In the Republic of Ireland speed is measured in Kilometres per hour. This can be particularly confusing when renting a car in the Republic and crossing the border into Northern Ireland, the speedometer on the car will report km/h not mph!

  • Stopping to refuel can also be confusing when crossing between Northern Ireland and the Republic due to the change in currency. Northern Ireland uses Sterling whereas the unit of currency in the Republic of Ireland is Euros. This should not put anyone off visiting the North of the country, the scenery is just as spectacular as the south of Ireland

  • Road signs in the republic of Ireland are often in Gaelic only so ensure you have a map that gives the town names in Irish and English

  • Upgrade your Sat Nav (Satellite Navigation) and purchase up to date Irish maps, you will be glad you spend the extra money!

Ireland Tour - Road Sign

Ireland Tour - Road Sign


Ireland Tour- Blarney Castle

Blarney castle in County Cork is a huge attraction for those who choose to tour Ireland. It is visited by thousands of people each week who come to kiss the famous Blarney stone in hope that they receive the 'gift of the gab'! The Blarney stone is built into the battlements of the castle and kissing it is no easy job! After climbing to the top of the castle you then need to lean backwards over the parapet, a castle assistant is available to help but it not recommended for anyone with a fear of heights!

Ireland Tour - Blarney Castle

Ireland Tour - Picture of Blarney Castle

Ireland Tour- Croagh Patrick
Reef Sunday, also known as Garland Sunday is a yearly pilgrimage held in Ireland on the last Saturday in July. Pilgrims climb Croagh Patrick which means Patrick's Mountain (after St Patrick). Croagh Patrick is considered the holiest mountain in Ireland and can be found in County Mayo.


Ireland Tour - Croagh Patrick

Ireland Tour - Picture of Croagh Patrick (County Mayo)


Ireland Tour - The Giants Causeway
The Giant's Causeway derives its name from a mythical legend and is a must see for visitors to Northern Ireland. The Causeway is said to be the start of a road built by the mythical giant from Irish legend Finn Mc Cool across the channel from Ireland to Scotland where his enemy, the giant Benandonner lived. The causeway is a sort of pier and projects from the north coast of Antrim, Northern Ireland into the North Sea. It is divided by  into the Little Causeway, the Middle or "Honeycomb Causeway" and the Grand Causeway. The pillars vary in diameter from 15-20 inches and are between 10 and 20 ft height. The rocks that form the causeway are hexagonal shaped, indeed there are more than 40,000 interlocking columns that form this awesome geological wonder. The Giants Causeway is in fact a world heritage site and the science behind its formation from volcanic activity can be discovered in the amazing visitor centre.

Ireland Tour - Picture of the Giants Causeway in County Antrim

Ireland Tour - Picture of the Giant's Causeway

Ireland Tour - Facts

  • The most famous castle in Ireland has to be Blarney Castle! It is the home of the blarney stone. Kissing the Blarney Stone bestows the 'gift of the gab' or the ability of  great eloquence on the kisser, a must see attraction of the list of anyone who plans a tour of Ireland!

  • Three of the provinces of Ulster are part of the Republic of Ireland (Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan), the remaining six are part of Northern Ireland

  • There are a total of 32 counties in the island of Ireland. 26 in the republic and 6 in Northern Ireland. Often Northern Ireland is referred to as 'The Six Counties'.

  • The highest point in Ireland is Carrauntoohil in County Kerry, it is over 1,000 m high and features a 5 metre high metal cross on the summit

  • The Ha'penny Bridge across the River Liffey is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dublin! The pedestrian bridge was built in 1816

  • Belfast City Airport was renamed to George Best Airport in 2006 in memory of the world famous football player who was born in Belfast

  • Bord Failte, the Irish tourist board is established in 1952 hoping to encourage tourism to the Republic of Ireland

  • The Titanic Experience was opened in Belfast in 2012, the one hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, it has rapidly become a must see tourist attraction of any visitor who takes a tour of Ireland

  • Croagh Patrick in County Mayo is considered to be the holiest mountain in Ireland, an annual pilgrimage takes place there on the last Sunday of July, known as Reek Sunday

  • The Giant's Causeway in Country Antrim was designated a world heritage site in 1986. It features over 40,000 columns of interlocking rock which was formed as a result of geological and volcanic activity. The Giants Causeway is steeped in Myth and Legend which tells us that it was built by the giant Finn Mc Cool. Other rock formations which are part of the Giants legend include the Camel (Humphrey), The Wishing Chair, The Giants boot and the organ.

Ireland Tour

Ireland Tour - Beautiful Irish Sunset

Ireland Tour - Beautiful Irish Sunset

Ireland Tour

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Discover the vast selection of pictures on this site all produced in order to help you plan your perfect vacation in Ireland. Whether you are visiting family friends or simply wish to trace your family roots and see the birthplace of your ancestors, Ireland has something for everyone! The videos enable fast access to the images and pictures of Ireland Tourtogether with information and many useful facts to aid you with planning your trip to Ireland. All of the articles and pages can be accessed via the about Ireland Index - a useful resource for everyone!


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