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Saint Patricks day is celebrated annually on the 17th March. It is believed that St Patrick used the Irish shamrock to explain the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) to the pagan people of Ireland. St Patrick is also credited with the Irish Celtic Cross and driving snakes out of Ireland. Legend tells us that St Patrick combined the traditional Christian cross with the circle of the sun used by the pagans of Ireland (they worshipped sun gods) and created the Celtic Cross, the circle is also believed to represent gods eternal and never ending love.

In this section we have included a selection of different recipes for traditional St Patrick's Day including Irish Cookies, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Traditional Irish Breakfast and Irish Potato Bread.

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Irish: Lá Fhéile Pádraig

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St Patrick's Day Recipes - History
St Patrick's day is celebrated by Irish people all over the world each year on the 17th March. In Ireland, Saint Patrick's Day is both a public and religious holiday to honor the patron Saint of Ireland and is credited with introducing Christianity to the pagan Irish people.

St Patrick's Day Recipes - Celebrations
Various celebrations occur all over the world, not just in Ireland on St Patrick's day. In the Caribbean Island of Montserrat, a public holiday is also observed, in fact Montserrat is the only country outside of Ireland that observe the feast of Saint Patrick, it is known as 'The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean'! The province of Newfoundland and Labrador also celebrates St Patrick's Day as a holiday. Many thousands of Irish people were sent to Montserrat, a former British territory by Oliver Cromwell as political prisoners and were sold as slaves. Many other Irish came to Montserrat from St Kitts in the 1600's. Each year the Island of Montserrat hosts a week long St Patrick's Day festival to celebrate its history and Irish heritage.

Many cities across the globe host huge St Patrick's day celebrations, London, New York and Boston to name just a few!

St Patrick's Day Recipes  - Irish Cookies
Why not try out this great recipe for St Patrick's day, an ideal recipe for kids to try. Use shamrock shaped cookie cutters and green icing or use you own ideas to personalise the cookies, ask you kids to come up with some ideas, turn the baking session into a competition.

St Patrick's Day Recipes - Irish Cookies - Ingredients

450g butter, at room temperature
220g caster sugar
550g plain flour
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

St Patrick's Day Recipes - Irish Cookies - Method

  • Preheat the oven to 180c

  • Cream the butter in a large bowl or in a food mixer until soft and creamy

  • Add caster sugar and continue to beat until the mix is pale

  • Sift in the flour and vanilla essence

  • Combine the mixture to form a dough

  • Lightly dust work surface and roll out dough

  • Cut out cookies using a cookie cutter (try using a shamrock shaped cookie cutter!)

  • Bake for 13–15 minutes

  • Place the cookies to a wire rack to cool

Looking for a St Patrick's day gift? Try wrapping the cookies in cellophane and tie with green, white and gold ribbon, a perfect treat for your friends and family on St Patrick's day!

Traditional Irish Recipes - Corned Beef and Cabbage
Corned Beef and cabbage is a traditional American-Irish recipe. The Irish traditionally ate boiled bacon and cabbage but emigrants to America and Canada replaced the bacon with corned beef to create a 'new' traditional Irish dish. Although corned beef was available in Ireland it was often too expensive for the Irish natives. Once they settled in America, they discovered that the salt used to preserve the beef and the beef itself was much cheaper than back home in Ireland, hence the invention of the 'traditional' recipe of Corned Beef and Cabbage.

St Patrick's Day Recipes - Corned Beef and Cabbage - Ingredients

1 onion (medium)
4 large potatoes
1 pound baby carrots
3 cups water
3 chopped garlic cloves
1 bay leaf
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons cider vinegar
1 teaspoon black pepper
3lb corned beef
1 cabbage

St Patrick's Day Recipes - Corned Beef and Cabbage - Method

  • Cut the onion into wedges

  • Cut the potatoes into quarters

  • Chop the carrots into small pieces

  • Cut the cabbage into quarters

  • Place the Carrots, potatoes and onion in a large casserole dish

  • Add the water, sugar, garlic, pepper, vinegar and bay leaf

  • Place the corned beef joint into the pan

  • Cover with cabbage

  • Cook until the meat is tender

  • Don't forget to remove the bay leaf!

Try cooking the ingredients in a slow cooker for a hassle free dish. Add other spice according to taste, all spice, mustard and marmalade are all ways to personalise this recipe as your own.

St Patrick's Day Recipes - Traditional Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and St Patrick's day is no exception! A traditional hearty Irish breakfast is enough to keep you full until dinnertime! In Northern Ireland a traditional cooked breakfast is called an 'Ulster Fry' and is guaranteed to get your St Patrick's day off to a good start! A traditional Irish breakfast should include Sausages, rashers of bacon, white pudding, black pudding, fried eggs, fresh mushrooms and tomatoes. Breakfast is usually accompanied with toast or for a really traditional breakfast, brown wheaten bread or Irish potato bread is served. The Ulster Fry is a cooked breakfast which is traditionally served in Northern Ireland and includes a potato farl (potato bread) which has been fried or grilled. Tea, Coffee and Orange juice is usually drunk at breakfast time, Tea being the most popular choice!

For a special St Patrick's day breakfast, use a shamrock cookie cutter on slices of toast for that special touch!


St Patricks Day Recipe - Breakfast

St Patrick's Day Recipes - Breakfast


St Patrick's Day Recipes - Irish Potato Bread
Irish Potato bread was originally created as a way of using up the leftovers of mashed potato. It is usually served to accompany a traditional Irish breakfast and is also a popular daytime snack particular in the province of Ulster. Potato bread is usually served warm and buttered, either grilled or fried. Toppings such as marmalade, honey, maple syrup or jam are added for sweetness, an Irish version of the pancake! Potato bread is also a savoury treat, serve with baked beans instead of toast for an Irish twist to beans on toast! Potato bread is also known by a variety of other names including Potato Cake, Fadge, Slims and Tatie bread, it is a very traditional dish. To make Potato bread, a portion of the flour is replaced with potato, the amount of flour replaced by potato depend on taste, a simple recipe for potato bread is below.

St Patricks Day Recipe - Potato Bread

Picture of a Irish Potato Bread also known as Potato Farls
- An ideal dish for St Patrick's Day


St Patricks Day Recipes - Potato Bread
Potato bread is also known as potato 'farls'. It is popular in both Northern and Southern Ireland and is an essential ingredient in the 'Ulster Fry' breakfast famous in Northern Ireland. Unlike soda bread, the dough is rolled out until almost flat, it is then cut into quarters and fried or cooked on a griddle rather than baked in an oven.

St Patrick's Day Recipes - Potato Bread - Ingredients

  • 450 g (16 oz) warm cooked potato, mashed

  • 1 tsp salt

  • 50 g (2 oz) unsalted butter or margarine (melted)

  • 100 g (4 oz) plain flour

St Patrick's Day Recipes - Irish Potato Bread - Method

  • Add the salt and butter to a large bowl

  • Sift in enough flour to make a pliable dough, add more as necessary

  • Divide the dough into four equal parts

  • Roll the dough out on a floured surface creating four circles 22 cm (approx 9 in) in diameter and 5 mm (approx 1/4 in) thick

  • Cut each circle into quarters and bake on a hot griddle or pan for about 5 minutes or until browned on both sides

St Patrick's Day Recipes - Irish Potato Bread - Ideas

  • For a drier bread use a dusting of flour instead of butter to grease the baking surface

  • For a healthier option with less fat, replace the fresh mashed potato with dried potato flakes

St Patrick's Day Recipes

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St Patrick's Day Recipes - Pictures and Videos
Discover the vast selection of different food from Ireland, easy and traditional Irish food recipes suitable for the whole family to enjoy. Including traditional Irish cuisine such as Bacon and Cabbage and Potato Cake, ideal for St Patrick's Day. A step by step guide to ingredients and recipes for delicious St Patrick's Day Recipes. Delicious food from Ireland, the Irish people are renowned for their love of good food. The pictures bring to life the different dishes that are associated with this amazing country. A great resource for all ages. Useful as a resource for kids and children of all ages particularly useful for teaching your children to cook authentic Irish cuisine. The videos enable fast access to the images and pictures together with information and lots of examples of different food recipes All of the articles and pages can be accessed via the about Ireland Index - a great fun resource for everyone!


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